Spring has arrived in Eugene, OR


Spring has arrived in Eugene, OR!  We have lovely sun streaming through the windows and lots of new items arriving everyday at the store.  Spring in the northwest is very fickle.  We have warm sunny days that bring us all outside, then it gets rainy and cloudy again. It makes us appreciate the sun even more when it is such a rare event.  Weather like today makes me want to grab a blanket, the latest issue of Kinfolk, a pair of sunglasses, a Stumptown cold brew and  soak up the sun at the park. 

I grew up in Minnesota so weather like this took place months latter than it does here.  The spring blossoms in March are one of the benefits of living in Oregon.  I love sitting at the table in the morning enjoying my coffee and taking in the scene outside my window.  We have a huge oak tree in our front yard that houses a whole ecosystem.  Ferns, miseltoe, and moss hang from the branches while squirrels race past and birds rest their wings.  Looking out this window reminds me how lucky I am to live in the northwest.  Cheers to spring!