The Collective Quarterly Issue 5: Penobscot

The Collective Quarterly Issue 5: Penobscot

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Collective Quarterly became a fast favorite, starting will Issue 0: Marfa a couple years back, we have enjoyed the narrative focused on one corner of this country at a time.  Compelling stories supported by beautiful photography, art, recipes, and poetry capture the spirit of a place and its people.

For folks in this part of the world, it’s obligatory to wave when a car passes in the other lane, and everyone develops their own signature style of doing this—a spread hand, a waffling wrist, or maybe a double index finger lift combined with a tip of the head. You will almost certainly have a nickname, and it may even be a multi-generational one: This island was home to Pung Young, his son Young Pung Young, and his grandson Young Pung Young’s son. Mainers grow up remembering whose brother married whose daughter. They’re born storytellers. They can cuss effectively. And the lines in their faces speak of a life that’s equal parts weather, work, and laughter—all good things, if you were to ask a lobsterman.

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